Planetary Resources is about to make a big announcement!

The Seattle-based company, Planetary Resources, has already made waves by launching their hat into the asteroid-mining world (it’s a small world, albeit). Their overall mission is stated as: “Redefining Natural Resources.” A quick guide: they plan to get to asteroids, find resources we can use here, mine them, and ship them back to earth.

Interstellar Travel experts have pointed to asteroid mining as the next step to getting to the stars. Launching an interstellar ship from space, using the resources from space, rather than getting them from earth to space, is a potentially great strategy. Keep your eye on this organization – they might be our link to the next star.

This Wednesday, May 29, in Seattle, they’re bringing some key names in space and science fiction (including Brent Spiner (a.k.a Data) and Bill Nye (all hail to the great Science guy) to make a big announcement. Here’s their press release:

Planetary Resources’ team of engineers who have designed, built and operated spacecraft throughout the Solar System, including all of the recent U.S. Mars landers and rovers, are now developing the most advanced space technology ever and will make it publicly accessible.

A diverse group of supporters, including Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson, actor Seth Green, Star Trek’s Brent Spiner (Data) and Rob Picardo (The Doctor), Bill Nye the Science Guy, futurist Jason Silva, and MIT astrophysicist Dr. Sara Seager, have joined forces with Planetary Resources to make access to space widely available for exploration and research.

On May 29 at 10:00 a.m. PDT in Seattle, and also streaming live, please join Planetary Resources’ Peter Diamandis, Eric Anderson and Chris Lewicki, as they, along with vlogger Hank Green, announce an unprecedented project that will change the way humanity explores the cosmos.

Program Highlights:

  • Gives students, teachers and the public access to the most innovative space
  • observation technology ever built – This technology would have cost
  • US$100M+ to build and launch less than a decade ago; and today, it will be
  • controlled by students around the world to explore the cosmos.
  • Offers the opportunity for the public to directly participate in cutting-edge
  • citizen science and discovery – Delivers a resource to thousands of institutions
  • and researchers in need of greater access to space to further their work and
  • rate of scientific discovery.
  • Invites the public to participate in Planetary Resources’ asteroid mining
  • mission – Anyone with an interest in space can play a role in opening up the
  • Solar System for human activity

So, what could it be? This is decent roster and some big claims. We’ll be updating you early on Wednesday to let you know what they have planned!

Want to know about asteroids. The Science Guy Bill Nye has a great article up on asteroids and current efforts to engage with them (and protect ourselves).

Want more on Planetary Resources, watch this video:

TL;DR – Asteroid mining company brings together Star Trek’s Data and Bill Nye to make a big announcement for their next venture this upcoming Wednesday, May 29, 2013.

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