The Summer for Interstellar: Three Conferences to Attend

Will we get off of this planet? How will travel to the stars? Where will we go? When will it happen? How do we convince the rest of humanity to make this incredible leap?

The topic of Interstellar travel has gripped the space enthusiast community. There are multiple points of connection this summer for those interested in the topic.

Already, the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination has already hosted their three-day conference “Starship Century.” Speakers included everyone from Gregory Benford to the pioneering Freeman Dyson.

If you missed that conference, there’s still three others you can check out:

The 2013 Campbell Conference. The Campbell Awards, hosted by the University of Kansas, are one of the three big speculative fiction awards (along with the Hugo and Nebula). This year’s conference theme is Interstellar. Speakers and discussions will all tackle this topic. The Lifeboat Foundation (which I’m a member of) will also be presenting the first literary award to a work inspiring humanity to interstellar travel, the Lifeboat to the Stars Award (another disclosure: I’m on the judging committee as well but the winner of the award must be kept under wraps for now). The great Robert Sawyer will be speaking and presenting the award from the Lifeboat Foundation.

Icarus Interstellar is hosting in August the Starship Congress. Icarus Interstellar are early pioneers on the topic of Interstellar. They have assembled a group of brilliant minds and have made major steps and plans to getting us to another world. The theme for this year’s conference is “To A Star, That’s Not Too Far.”

And, finally, and definitely not least, is the 100 Year Starship 2013 Symposium. Dr. Mae Jemison won the DARPA award and launched the new 100YSS organization. This is the third symposium and it has a major distinction of bringing experts from multiple fields (clothing, sociology) and not just pure propulsion/space experts to the table. This the one conference you need to attend!

So, have plans to attend one of these great conferences? Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

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